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What if, in one moment, everything you knew about your life changed forever? 
Jenny Brookehouse could never have foreseen how her life would change when she sent her husband off to a bike race in Vermont. In a moment, his body and mind are shattered by a drunk driver. He nearly dies and spends weeks in a coma. When he awakes, he is a changed man. Just when things seem to be getting back to normal, David disappears without a trace. 

Jenny must swim a sea of red tape just to get the police involved in a search with no clues and no witnesses. When no one believes he can be found and brought home alive, Jenny has faith and refuses to give up. 

As her life begins to fly out of control, Jenny meets her childhood crush, British actor, Karsen Langford, at the musical theater where she volunteers. Though innocent of any wrong-doing, Jenny will face judgment and scorn, all while desperately searching for the husband she loves.

The Ouderkirk House

Ruth O'Neill, a forensic psychic medium, falls across the grave of a small child. It leads to the discovery of twenty-five more bodies; the handiwork of a serial killer the FBI calls the Knife and Hatchet Man.


Already overwhelmed, Ruth thinks she can't handle another gig. A friend talks her into reading a supposedly haunted church rectory, the Ouderkirk house. Renovations of the abandoned house are fraught with thefts and eerie mishaps. Ruth takes on the task and sees horrors and blood. In the reopened cold case, she's reluctantly saddled with a psychic-hating sidekick; Island County Sheriff's Deputy, Gene Harlowe. Following her visions, and despite Gene's insults and reluctance to believe, they discover a long-forgotten crime.


In 1968, the tiny village of San de Fuca on sleepy Whidbey Island Washington was rocked by the unthinkable. A double murder, rape, and kidnapping. A Native American circus roustabout was quickly convicted and hung. But, did the authorities have the right perpetrator, or was he a convenient scapegoat?


Now, Ruth is fighting to help solve both the Knife and Hatchet killings, and who might have committed the 1968 crimes.


Someone or something in the house wants Ruth and Gene to get to the bottom of the cold case. They set out to discover who the real killer is, but it's a difficult, circuitous journey. While the rectory seems to be leading them in the right direction, obstacles bar their way, and people in power aren't afraid to target them for death.

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Shocking Angels

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina lies a devastated landscape and people along the Gulf coast. Now, as rebuilding has begun in New Orleans, a death rocks the city. A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist is found shot in his home, an apparent suicide.


Dr. Mina Meloncon McGuire, Coroner of Orleans parish, doesn't buy that. She delves into his death while unrest builds in the city that care forgot.


The first anniversary of Katrina's landfall is fast approaching. Just when it seems the entire parish will blow up in violence, McGuire gets pulled into the case of five missing children. When two of them turn up in unmarked graves, New Orleans residents demand answers. Is there a child killer walking the streets? What's their connection to the dead journalist?

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